Attorney at Law Jouni Vihervalli

Career summary:

I have spent nearly all of my life in Finnish Lapland. I was born in Kemi, finished school in Kemijärvi and for over thirty years I have worked as an attorney in Sodankylä in Central Lapland. I received my Master of Law degree from the University of Helsinki in 1980, after which I spent a year as an assistant in a law firm in Tornio. I received further training in the District Court of Lapland, where I worked as a District Judge after the Rovaniemi Court of Appeal granted me the title of Master of Laws with court training. I founded my own law firm in 1982, where I worked until 2014. Over the years I have had thousands of cases all over Finland and some abroad as well.

Areas of expertise:

In 2014 I founded a new firm, Lakiasiat Vihervalli Oy. I wanted a change and now work independently. When it comes to legal matters in a place like Lapland one has to provide a wide range of services – instead of focusing merely on one aspect of law, it is more beneficial to be a fully-rounded attorney. This being said, I have ample experience in hunting offenses and reindeer herding cases, and I have also handled several cases regarding mining.

My areas of expertise include:

  • criminal and dispute cases
  • inheritance cases (distribution of the estate, probates)
  • family law (alimonies, custodies, visitation rights)
  • contract laws and title deeds
  • personal injury cases
  • labour law cases (payment of wages, cancellation of employment)
  • corporate restructuring and bankruptcies

… to mention a few.

I also work as a notary. My clientele is composed of private individuals as well as businesses and corporations. I have the right to work in court and in my work I follow the legal code of conduct for attorneys at law.

By appointment only – meetings in places other than Sodankylä by agreement.